Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More free e-books

From Publisher's Lunch:
Charles Bock's debut novel BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN is being offered as a free PDF download via, starting last night and running through midnight this Friday. (Sharing, emailing and printing are all allowed.) [Note that! My italics.-- ed] The free file is also available online via, Barnes &, and

Bock says in the announcement, "I want people to read the book. If that means giving it away for free on-line, great." Random's deputy director of marketing Avideh Bashirrad adds, "The book really struck a chord with readers as bookstore sales have demonstrated. We believe it has even more potential readers out there, and the best way to reach them is online, with this unrestricted access."
Beautiful Children, incidentally, was the subject of a looong NY Times Magazine profile by former NYT Book Review editor Charles McGrath last month, which set lit blogs a-twitter.

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